Choosing a Sign for Your Business

Choosing a Sign for Your Business

Brand awareness is an important part of business marketing, no matter the industry or area of commerce you operate in. It is important that there is a strong brand image and a memorable logo. All operating businesses must have a logo- and a sign on their premises displaying the company or organization. The sign should be clear and visible for everyone to see. The brand should be clearly displayed at its headquarters, factory or retail unit. Although, deciding which type of sign to display is not an entirely simple decision.

The design of the sign will be influenced by the type of business it is displaying. If the company or organization has a logo, it should also be incorporated on the sign.

Consider: is a neon sign the right option? Once associated with gaudy and over the top design, neon signs have become very popular, and are now associated with all types of business. Below are just a few of the reasons why businesses or organizations choose to go with a neon sign:

  • Neon signs are instantly noticeable, both near and far
  • They can incorporate a wide range of colour
  • Neon signs can be fun, which is great for businesses in the entertainment sector
  • They can be used both outdoors and indoors (perhaps behind a bar)

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